Caffe Morandi

Caffee Morandi

Caffe Morandi is a small family run business owned by Italian. it is situated along  Gold street.

The Caffe is popular with older citizens aged sixty and over.

” we get older people who pop in to drink tea”, said the Caffe manager.

According to Sanjay De Silva, preferences of the customers is tea compared to coffee.

The hot beverages they do at the caffe include; regular coffee, Espresso, Americano, cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha and hot Chocolate.


On 17th of February, the Caffe run an event where the staff dressed themselves in the clothes attire of the fifties . They also played music of the fifties to the delight of their customers.




5 Gold Street Northampton NN1 1RA

Opening Hours

Monday: 08.30- 20.00

Tuesday:08.30- 20.00

Wednesday:08.30- 20.00

Thursday:08.30- 20.00

Friday:08.30- 20.00

Saturday:08.30- 20.00


picture courtesy of Sanjay De Silva



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