This is a corner of the internet where you can find all of the beautiful and unique places that Northampton has to offer and our aim is to show that you can have a fun time without spending much money.

Within our three main sections, we share interviews with staff, reviews from locals and podcasts made by ourselves on the places in this town. We do the research so that you don’t have to and everything you need is in one place.

We came up with the idea of sharing these unique places to visit because it is normal to get stuck in visiting the same places time and time again. This is a place to get you out of that rut and to find somewhere new!

Meet the team:

Dayna Richman

In charge of our Instagram content and ‘Other’ section within the website is Dayna. Within our Other section, you will find information on possible days out with an interesting spin.

Our Instagram focusses on updating you with new interviews that we have done with staff working at these unique places.

We also hope to share your reviews of these places so that we can help others interested in visiting.


Lucy Metcalfe

In charge of our Twitter feed and ‘Bar’ content is Lucy.

We are constantly updating our Twitter feed sharing when new things are coming to the website, when interviews have been successful and when we are releasing new podcasts.

Our bar content includes interviews, reviews and events happening in our town.

There are lots of unique places in Northampton and we are sharing a lot of them on here for you to try out yourself.



Mohamed Omar

In charge of our Facebook and ‘Cafe’ content is Mohamed.

In order to ensure that you are updated with the cafe’s in Northampton that have an interesting element to them, there will be interviews, photographs and reviews posted on our little corner of the internet.

If you have any places that you enjoy to visit that we haven’t yet covered on here, please let us know on any of our social media platforms.





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