CCH Coffee House


CCH Coffee House is a brand new coffee shop which has been only in business for 3 months.The coffee house is a franchise from Dubai.

Vlad, who is the Manager at the shop said they have another branch at the Bus Station.

The coffee shop is known for its Arabica coffee, which the manager says is ‘stronger and richer’. He also says the coffee has a different taste compared to other coffees.

All kind of customers frequent CCH Coffee. According to Vlad, “customers are very much welcomed to the coffee house”.

Customers preference is latte and Caramello. Vlad explains Caramello is a latte with a syrup of carmell

Unlike other coffee shop who close early, CCH Coffee House opens from am in the morning until pm in the evening.

” we have longer opening hours and it makes this place unique compared to other shops”, says Vlad.

The coffee shop offers a variety of food that is served fresh. It include; Salad, Panini, sandwiches, toasties and desserts.

Vlad says all day breakfast is offered to customers at discounted prices.


67 Abington street



colombiano cake




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