Magic Bean Emporium

Magic emporium 2

By Mohamed Farouk.

Magic Bean Emporium was set up two and half years ago by novelist Michella Dos Santos.

it was set up around story telling theme by Michella, who owns restaurant.

In a friendly atmosphere, the Manager, David Oakley, explains it all:

” it is a memorable, unique and a good caffe where friends and families can refreshen their Mind”, adds Mr Oakley.

Mr Oakley said story telling theme involves  Hans Christian Anderson, Grim brothers and Harry Porter.

The decorations in Magic Bean Emporium also centres on the story telling theme.

One cannot help but notice the pictures of Harry Porter in the restaurant.

This Cafe is different to the mainstream cafes in Town as the manager explains:

“We have good quality coffee, cakes and sandwiches. we also try to offer something that is unique in its experience,” says Mr Oakley.

The main coffee at Magic Bean Emporium is made by London based company called Union.

Apart coffee, Magic Bean Emporium have hot chocolates, Loose tea and special coffee made  by the owner Michella.

Huge mix of customers from all backgrounds frequent Magic bean Emporium.

One of the customers who regularly comes to Magic Bean is Nigel Kennett.

“Besides the atmosphere, the staff are friendly. They know my first name, a lot of places you go do not know it,” says Mr Nigel.

Mr Nigel drinks black coffee and Americano. Due to his health restrictions Mr Nigel avoids drinks with milk.

One of the things that brings Mr Nigel to the caffe is the story telling theme that Magic Bean Emporium provides.

” On a Friday and Saturday evening , the cafe is packed with children,” says Mr Nigel.

The staff value customers and show interest in their needs,particularly in the case of Mr Nigel.

nigel kennett


60 St Giles Street



Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday- 10;30- 6PM


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