Bands in the Park is back!

Starting this weekend, Abington Park will be hosting a live band performance every Sunday for the next five months.

It’s back, the long waited live band Sundays is starting this weekend and we can’t wait!

The large, enclosed park quietly sits in the middle of Abington. As well as trees, a lake and grassy open spaces, Abington Park offers a pocket of medieval history with a village and museum on site.

If that wasn’t enough, now your Sunday afternoons can be spent under the sun with a beverage and live music to keep you company. The bands take place centre stage in the park’s bandstand, performing throughout the afternoon. Adding to the thrill, Abington Park has its own cafe, Northampton Chronicle & Echo’s ‘Park of the Year’: The Park Cafe places tables and chairs outside, serving sweet treats, drinks and food as you listen to the band. – Once a week for the next five months, you really can have your cake and eat it too.  If you don’t quite fancy sitting at a cafe, there is plenty of greenery to sit around the bandstand with a picnic and blanket.

Daventry Brass Band are kick starting the excitement on the 2nd of April. For information on the line up for the summer, head over to Northampton Borough Council’s website.

Bands in the Park kicks off with Daventry Brass Band at 2pm.



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