Blenders Tea and Coffee


By Mohamed Farouk

Blenders Tea and Coffee is the only shop  in Northampton that grinds coffee.

According to the manager of Blenders, Tony Egan, the shop was originally opened by Tony’s father in law who run it for 10 years.

As you walk in the shop, you can smell the aroma of the fresh coffee that Tony grinds in the machine.

Mr Tony says the coffee ” is extra extra fresh because we roast and grind it here”.

The Shop is not a coffee bar and Mr Tony accept takeaway orders only.

” we differ from other shops because we buy raw beans into our shop and from there roast it in the premises” says the manager . Mr Tony adds other coffee bars grind their coffee in their shops.

Mr Tony buys the coffee from a merchant since 1988- who he says remains the best supplier.

The manager sells the coffee ” to all customers regardless of their class and background”.

Eighty percent of the customers who come to the shop buy coffee and it is only twenty percent who go for tea.

Mr Tony sells loose tea from around the world, particularly Chinese and Indian tea.

Here Mr Tony explains  how he makes loose tea:

“with loose tea you control the brew and it takes a while to infuse and you get true flavour of the tea “,adds MR Tony.



75 St Giles’ St, Northampton NN1 1JF

opening hours:

Monday: 9am-5pm







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