Live music at the Lamplighter TONIGHT

The Lamplighter is hosting a live music night tonight with some great local acts. 

Including Jay Brooks, part of the band OhBoy! The singer has recently had success with a connected project named Ginger Snaps, appearing on BBC Introducing this month. 

Using the university as a studio, the ex business student started making music as a hobby with his friend Lee Irons. The musical duo wrote songs for their five member band, OhBoy! The band have already enjoyed touring the country, even making an appearance at Glastonbury! But Jay and Lee started making music that didn’t quite suit OhBoy!’s style and from there a new project was born: Ginger Snaps.

Their foundation fame of OhBoy! helped Ginger Snaps rise in views on YouTube with their two singles, Paranoid and Phat Kid: Phat Kid has received over two thousand views in seven months. The two bands run simultaneously, making new music for both.

Ginger Snaps’ new single ‘Number Crunching’ was played on Abbie McCarthy’s BBC Radio One show earlier in this month.

Ginger Snaps trivia: the name ‘Ginger Snaps’ comes from a bet between friends, Lee and Jay. After writing a song that didn’t work for OhBoy! Jay said he liked it enough to release it as a single, to which Lee replied: “I will only let you stick this out, if you call it (the band) Ginger Snaps.” – an old inside joke from an alter ego-like character they had made up within their years of friendship.
OhBoy! will be at Handmade Festival in Leicester next month, the weekend festival have hosted the likes of; Slaves, Deaf Havana and this year, Twin Atlantic.
The band will be playing at the Lamplighter tonight with hits from both groups

Face of Ginger Snaps, Jay Brooks says the band could not have achieved without the university’s help:



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