The Vintage Retreat

Tucked away behind a Northampton residential area near the train station sits the Vintage Retreat.

This vintage wonderland is full of many weird and wonderful things from antiques and instruments to postcards with messages from 50 years ago written on them.

As you walk in, you’re faced with a great dilemma; turn right for an array of tea and cake or turn left for vintage goodies. My personal suggestion is turn left and follow the vintage path which will end up in the cafe.

It’s a great place to escape the busy everyday life of Northampton and get lost in a world of vintage for a few hours. It really can take that long too, the two-floor maze of vintage takes you to different ‘genre pockets’, like hopping from decade to decade, culture to culture. There’s also a function room that can be hired out to the public, as well as holding events such auctions – majority of the prices are rather reasonable too.

16930367_10212251303068086_1437378478_o (1)
The function room has a projector for vintage films.


Entertain yourself with little artifacts from across the world with amusing notes on them such as: “possibly Iranian” or my personal favourite: “crude but lovable.”

As you walk along there is even a section of converted lamps. Yes, everyday household items turned into lights. Even a choice of interactive lamps, like the reformed whisk-lamp with the function of the whisk still in tact. They might be on to something here, we’ve all wanted to whisk up some eggs in the dark.

Jokes aside, it is pretty weird and wonderful. There’s even an option to have one of your own beloved household objects transformed into a lamp, just get in contact with Russell at

Overall, the Vintage Retreat is an enjoyable experience and an interesting escapism. It isn’t costly either, dependent on your will power to not buy every wacky item you walk past.




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