Obelisk centre

By Lucy Metcalfe

The Obelisk bar and hall is used for a range of events and occasions as it has plenty of room in hall space as well as a bar offering a television to view the sports. There is food and alcohol offered at the bar at a good price and it is situated at 400 Obelisk Rise, Northampton NN2 8UE which isn’t too far from the university’s park campus making it perfect for students and locals in that part of the town. Otherwise, if you live near the town centre, it is a 20 minute drive.

One of the events held at the Obelisk centre is the Mambo Vibes Salsa dance classes every Wednesday, they also hold a Salsa party once a month on a Friday. It brings a mix of ages together and it’s a great place to meet new people and learn something new at the same time.

Andy Lamiman, the DJ and one of the teachers at Mambo Vibes decided to start his own Salsa club when he realised that there wasn’t enough music played in classes that he enjoyed. This idea grew into him opening his own club, teaching the dance to a variety of people at different levels and meeting new people with the same passion for Salsa that he had.

“I first became interested in Salsa because of the music, but when I was initially introduced to the dance by my friend I wasn’t too keen on it. That soon changed after my confidence grew through going to the classes more and more and I met new people.

“Salsa is a dance that brings people together, the Mambo Vibes party each month has a few hours after the classes to practice what you have learnt, to have a few drinks and it’s the perfect way to socialise.”

Mambo Vibes Salsa classes are every Wednesday at 8pm and the party is once a month on a Friday.

For more information about the classes, visit their Facebook page: Mambo Vibes


As well as Salsa, they also have the cricket club on Saturday afternoons during late April to September, cricket fans are welcomed to come to support them as they play. People interested in becoming part of the team are also welcome and training sessions are on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm. They also do a visually impaired cricket club and details to become part of the team are on their website (link is below).

Interested in Taekwon-do? On Monday evenings at 6.45pm the Obelisk Centre offers a class for all levels whether you are a beginner or a Black Belt. For further details, contact Adrian Gent on 0792963677.

The Road Runners group meet at the Obelisk Centre every Wednesday and Friday at 7pm, the group is for all abilities whether you want to do it for fitness or competitively, they cater for all levels. There is also a beginners session at 6pm every Monday which is designed for complete beginners hoping to achieve the 5k run.

The centre also has a hot air ballooning team, but as it depends highly on the weather they update their Facebook page in order to inform you whether they are going out that day or not. They set off in the evenings and at weekends, their Facebook page is: Hot Air Balloon

As most bars do, they have a pool table and on Wednesday evenings, the Obelisk Centre have two teams entered into the RTM pool league.

They currently have a vacancy for Monday night pool teams, so if you are interested then please contact: 01604 843032

For more information about any of the events above, please go onto their website: Obelisk Centre


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