Sazerac bar

By Lucy Metcalfe

There is a whole range of mainstream bars in Northampton and in some cases the more interesting places don’t get the publicity that they deserve. The Sazerac bar has a unique atmosphere with beautiful interior that is quirky and unique.

To find them, their address is: 24 Castilian St, Northampton NN1 1JX

Sazerac has very interesting qualities that are perfect for people looking for something new to try out. For £25 they hold a Cocktail masterclass event to teach new skills on mixing drinks to create the perfect concoction.

Some people are interested in ordering food with their masterclass ticket which the Sazerac bar provides and this combined ticket is £35. They provide a variety of food;

-Chicken satay skewers

-Hot ’n’ Kickin chicken wings

-Mini oriental vegetable spring rolls 

-Pitta and Humus

If you are interested in a vegetarian option, they do provide this on request.

Karaoke events are very popular at the Sazerac bar which run on a reservation service in either up to 8 people bookings for £30 an hour or up to 20 people bookings for £35 an hour on Thursdays, £40 and £45 an hour on Fridays and £50 and £55 an hour on Saturdays.

To book your tickets, please call 01604 204777 or email


Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski


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