Corkers champagne and cocktail bar

By Lucy Metcalfe

Corkers Champagne and Cocktail bar is the perfect destination when looking for a delicious place to eat at or even to drink a few cocktails with friends.

“Nice tapas and best Pina Colada ever! Love it! I could recommend to anyone. Good place to go for a drinks with friends, busy Fridays and Saturdays. During the week nice and quiet,” said Mila Sam.

Corkers who are famous for their Champagnes and fresh fruit cocktails are situated in Northampton at 361 Wellingborough Road. As they are attacked to the award winning Mem-Saab restaurant who offer a delicious range of Indian meals for customers to enjoy with Corkers long list of cocktails.

Photo credit: Corkers website

It is the perfect place to bring the family as well as going with friends for the afternoon, it is a versatile space to enjoy. There is a lounge area for customers to relax and enjoy the decor around them.

“Visited this bar for the first time with friends. Arrived at approximately 7:45 pm and we were served quickly, the waiter carried our drinks outside for us. There is a nice outside seating area, although we found that inside the music was too loud to hear yourself,” said Sally.

With a relaxed atmosphere during the week, Corkers offers a place to sit back and enjoy the time with friends and family. At the weekend the bar has live music where the atmosphere is busy and enjoyable for all.


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