The Doc Shop

The Doc Shop is situated in the beautiful village of Wollaston in Northamptonshire.

Driving through green fields, cobbled roads and over a tiny bridge connected to a water-mill, the Doc Shop cosily fits amongst the thatched roofs of Wollaston.

Dr Martens is a famous British footwear that has been around since the 1940’s and it started right here, in Northamptonshire. Since then, they have been adopted by many cultural influences throughout the decades and are still sold on the high street for around £100.

Sizes range from toddler right up to an adult size 12, with plenty for any gender. On top of this, there are also Dr Martens clothes, socks and bags –  I was seeing leather jackets reduced to £20!

The shop is situated just around the corner from the original DMs factory on Cobbs Lane.

I spent a healthy two hours looking around, trying to refrain from buying every pair I liked. The shoe prices ranged mostly between 30-75 pounds with a few pairs wavering around these prices.


The staff were delightful, they were constantly putting out new stock as you shopped and were helping people with their choice of Doc. I bet they’ve collected quite the collection over the years of working there, I know I would.

I’ve been to many outlet-like shops, I wasn’t expecting much. Usually when you go to these places, they have all the stock no one wants, but at the Doc Shop that is not the case. I was spotting things that are in the retail shops now.

The shop used to get its products from the factory around the corner, but now they get them straight from the retail shop. It’s simple, the longer the shoe is there, the cheaper it becomes.

Sadly, I had to leave eventually.

To give you an idea; I bought two pairs of  brand new DMs, costing me under the price on the highstreet –  absolute bargain.

Any fan of Dr Martens should venture to this part of Northamptonshire history.

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