Salcey Forest: Tree Top Way


It’s a crisp
March morning and I’m off to find something to do in this oddly warm weather for the run up to Spring.

What better way than to hop in the car and head down the M1 to Salcey Forest, just seven miles from the centre of Northampton. Salcey Forest offers many different things to do in a pocket of nature within Northamptonshire. There’s something for all ages here: From avid cyclists and horse riders to dog walkers and family strolls, just turn up and pick your route from the map, which shows you how long each trail will take.

Amongst the woods is a Gruffalo Trail, simply download the app (I advise before, as signal isn’t great in the woods) and point your camera at marked areas along the Gruffalo path, to see the characters of the famous book come to life right in front of you. This new trail opened on the 24th of February, just in time for the weather to start warming up.

But I’m not here today to talk about the trails in Salcey Forest, or it’s 40ft zip wire-aerial rope course, I’ve arrived at the Salcey Forest to test out it’s slightly more unique feature: The Tree Top Way.

With a high of 20 metres above the ground, towering over the tallest of trees. The Tree Top Way is a strong oak and steel structure that gradually ascends to it’s maximum height. Starting from the ground, I made my way up slowly getting higher and higher, until i was above everything. Again, suitable for all ages and with the gradual gradient, is also wheelchair accessible with a rest spot every 24 metres.

It is truly beautiful, peaceful and quiet. I went with a couple of friends, one with a severe phobia of heights and even she was taken aback by the views of Northamptonshire on this warm sunny day. A great form of escapism, it’s hard to believe busy Northampton town centre is only seven miles away.

And yes, dogs are welcome!

I could not recommend this enough, I challenge you to go once and not want to go again, or try out the different activities – bet you wont be able to.

  1.  Pick a nice day: You want to see the views when you reach the top.
  2. Try not to go at peak times: The experience is better when you don’t feel like you’re being rushed to see what’s at the top.
  3. Bring a picnic: What better to enjoy the scenery and celebrate reaching the top, then a sandwich and a drink.
  4. Water: You’ll need it.
  5. Change: The car park costs, it’s not a lot, just a few quid but there’s also a lovely cafe to visit after your adventures.
  6. Pub: My favourite option after a day out here, head to The Navigation in Towcester, just a 13-minute drive away. It’s child friendly (play area), dog friendly, and along a beautiful scenic canal. Plus, the pub grub is spot on.



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